Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rabbis sign for peace

85% of Jews are for peace
Similar percentage of Arabs want peace...
a Majority of Americans were against the war...
It is amazing how that tiny percentage runs our lives.


Dear Mr. President,

Please accept the heartfelt congratulations of Brit Tzedek
v'Shalom on your inauguration as President, on the spirit of
inclusion that you bring with you to the nation's capital, and
on the hope you have given to all.

Watch this important video message from 1000 rabbis and then
share it with friends, family, and your members of Congress.

As you begin your Presidency, we send you a videotaped message
from a cross-section of the more than 1000 rabbis, cantors, and
Jewish seminary students who signed "Time to Choose Peace," a
rabbinic letter recently delivered to you. The letter
underscores the urgency of your declared intention to address
the Israeli-Palestinian conflict beginning today, this first day
of your Administration.

These leaders include:
RABBI JOHN FRIEDMAN, National Chair, Rabbinic Cabinet of Brit
Tzedek v'Shalom
RABBI CAPERS C. FUNNYE, JR., member of the Chicago Board of
Rabbis and your wife Michelle's cousin
RABBI PETER S. KNOBEL, President, Central Conference of Reform
RABBI BRANT ROSEN, Immediate Past President, Reconstructionist
Rabbinical Association
RABBI TOBA SPITZER, President, Reconstructionist Rabbinical
RABBI ARNOLD JACOB WOLF, z"l, beloved rabbi of KAM Isaiah Israel
and your late friend and neighbor

*IDS are for identification purposes only

These are the people who inspire and represent the more than 85%
of American Jews who support a negotiated two-state solution to
the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; they inspire and represent
also the tens of thousands of Brit Tzedek volunteers, grassroots
activists who have chosen to consistently advocate for what is
best for Israel, by advocating for peace.

Because we know that the road before you will be hard and you
will have to stand firm on unpopular positions, we pledge
ourselves today, on the first day of your Presidency, to stand
by your side, and mobilize the Jewish community behind your
peace efforts.

Congratulations, Mr. President! We wish you all the best as you
undertake this urgent task.

BiVrachot shel shalom (With best wishes for peace),

Diane Balser, Executive Director
Brit Tzedek v'Shalom

Attached please find:

* Text of "Time to Choose Peace" rabbinic letter

* List of 1011 rabbinic letter signatories

* Rabbinic letter and signatories in The Forward on October 3,

* Rabbinic letter and local signatories in:

Albany, NY
Boston, MA
Eugene, OR
Kansas City, MO
Minneapolis, MN
New York, NY
Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Seattle, WA
Providence, RI

* Op-eds about rabbinic letter by signatories:

Op-ed: Reach out for a two-state solution by Rabbi John
Friedman. The News and Observer. October 16, 2008.

Op-ed: We Do Need Change--In U.S. Policy In The Middle East by
Rabbi Marc Gopin. The Washington Jewish Week. October 2, 2008.

Op-ed: Obama administration must pursue Mideast peace by Rabbi
Arnold Rachlis. The Jewish Journal. November 19, 2008.

* News announcement on rabbinic letter that played on 1557 radio
stations on October 7, 2008.


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